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Browse other user's filters similar to queries

Similar to how you can load another user's queries, it would be helpful if users could load someone else's collector or maintenance filter. Right now the only two options are private (no one else can see it) or public (the entire state can see it ...
Robert Pearson 9 days ago in Query & Filter 0 Needs review

Hidden Report Sections Based On Field Logic

When printing output forms to PDF, it would be helpful if certain sections of a form were not printed based on field values. For instance, with the repeating field groups "Features", if a feature is a waterway, there are a number of fields that ar...
Robert Pearson 3 months ago in Printing & PDFs 0 Needs review

Calculated fields / Error Check "in list" option

It would be helpful to have the "in list" option when creating logic for error checks and calculated fields as well as the typical operators (>, <, contains, etc)
Robert Pearson 3 months ago in Data Entry & Forms 0 Needs review

Syncing over Maintenance Items to BrM

Any DOT that is syncing over inspection data from AW to BrM. The modeling with BrM uses work candidates/orders. Currently the maintenance items are not synced over.
Andrew Bush about 1 year ago in BrM Sync 1 Future consideration

Copy Error Checks

Similar to how the Email Alert Page is, it would be helpful if you could copy (and delete) Error Check definitions directly from the summary page.
Robert Pearson about 2 months ago in Administration 0 Needs review

Bulk Upload Files

Similar to the bulk upload page for report, users, maintenance items, etc, it would be helpful to be able to to upload files in bulk based on the structure they should be associated with, the file type, and the file name.
Robert Pearson about 2 years ago in  5 Will not implement

Query Improvements

Selected columns to display in a query are very painful to move up and down the list. An easier method to change the order of the items would be helpful.
Kevin Vrchoticky about 2 years ago in Query & Filter 5 Planned

Dropdown fields should allow calculations

It would be helpful if dropdown fields could also be calculated fields. This would help with SNBI implementation, since dual data collection will be necessary until after the March 2025 submittal. It would reduce the amount of effort required for ...
Robert Pearson 4 months ago in Data Entry & Forms 0 Needs review

Date of Picture

Currently we have a customized pictures section. When trying to de-customize it was determined that date the picture was taken can not be included on the forms designer. The date is needed since you can bring previous pictures foreword to the curr...
Kevin Vrchoticky 8 months ago in Forms Designer 2 Future consideration

Batch Print Inspections for Weather Events

During hurricane events we have to print our coastal bridges (typically 3 counties) for team packets to rapidly mobilize to check for damage such as scour, etc. Right now, the team spends hours selecting individual inspections and printing one-by-...
Andrew Lee about 2 years ago in  5 Future consideration